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Original Post:
by: Cygnus on Jun 05, 2015


Ok so i am a newbie to magic - always interested in it, finally doing something about it - i have been reading, learning, researching, googling, you name it.

My understanding is that for magic to work (for example to cast a spell) you put the "energy" in it - which makes sense "emotion equals energy in motion" (that is how i interpret it) - and here is where i need some help - i do feel incredible energy in situations where an injustice has been done - usually in everyday mundane situations, example a cashier has been yelled at by an arrogant customer, if someone is being mean to another person or animal. In those situations, i feel a surge of energy goes through me, comes out of my hands, its actually incredible...i have broken glasses, zapped anything electronic, stuff falls out of shelves, just weird stuff happens around me when that happens.

My question is, how could i summon this energy when i meditate & visualize? i know i have it, i know its real, but doesnt matter if i meditate and visualize and try to feel this energy, nothing happens?

Any suggestions?