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Original Post:
by: User378981 on Jun 02, 2015

Greetings, fellow beings. I wish to challenge your minds and you can either accept my challenge, or ignore it. My challenge is not an easy thing. It is like a huge locked door, with many locks to unlock. I'll post multiple puzzles and riddles, and if you solve them all, you will complete it. Also this will ehance your mind power with the most powerful form of power, knowledge.

Here is my number 1 part of the challenge:
" A riddle that i wish to spare
It is original, and it is rare
As wierd or random is may seem
Its up to you to deem
The riddle says:
" a Man in Nyd of Feoh shall drink from the Kalc of Cpeoro"
The challenge will require further research, and clues are shattered everywhere for you to find. The challenge? Translate the sentance
Good luck for those who dare..