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Original Post:
by: User370433 on May 29, 2015

As my horrible title might not have made clear, i wanted to kind of hear peoples idea on a question that i think we all consider or have considered when it comes to deity work.

Often times youll hear questions about "is this the right deity for me" or "is this a sighn from this deity or that deity" and a popular answer and in my opinion a correct one, is that only research and your own instincts can tell you that. But what i wanted to hear mass opinion on had more to do with genuine confusion on a topic.

I think weve all had those moments where we are pulling our hair out in confusion on something, not just something magick related. As i just said above, people often seek out those already following a certain deity.

So although i have my own developing opinion, id like to hear peoples thoughs:

Does UPG from another person apply to a newcomer whos actually done research and studied their instincts but are still confused? Because as we know everyone is different and really its hard for me to ask the question clearer than that.