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Original Post:
by: Lightning. on May 22, 2015

In my other account, I've made one thread with the moon. That I have full and strong connection especially with the full moon. You can go to my favorite tab and see it. There are only to favorite threads so there is no problem.

But, I ask again. There was an answer that didn't exactly understood. Why do I feel this??. And I am the only one in my family!! One person I know hates full moon, she says it affects her. My brothers, don't care, my parents especially my mother see that just romantically and only for a few seconds. I see it romantically but I have a powerful connection that I can not describe! Maybe, if I talk to the goddess of the moon, she will help me. I am from Greece, so it may have a better effect. Why no one else from those I know see it completely normal and I want to stand there all night and talk to it, admire it, see it and all these stuff??? It's amazing!!!