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Original Post:
by: BrotherBone on May 05, 2015

Utilizing string or piece of yarn in magick by tying knots in it, is as simple as it gets when it comes to witchcraft, unless you don?t know how to tie your shoes. Knot magick otherwise known as cord magick is a type of technique that you tie a knot by storing energy inside of it, then releasing them when necessary to manifest something and it isn't as complex as other forms of witchcraft, in fact it is quite easy as I do say so myself.

What I?m here to teach you is that you don?t need to be as cunning and agile in the mystical arts like a ceremonial magician to get this stuff. First off lets start off on comparing different color meanings towards different goals. If you want to become a swanky witch like me you ought to do magick with style and pizzazz, but this isn't necessary.

Now lets begin?

Love, Passion, Sex, Courage, Strength, Power

Love, Friendship, Partnership, Harmony

Happiness, Kindness Joy, peace

Creativity, Intelligence, Knowledge

Health, Luck, Peace, Prosperity

Emotions, Peace, Intellect, trust

Spirituality, Wisdom, Communication, Education

Safety, Protection, Life, Freedom


Animals, generosity, Security

Revenge, Binding, Protection, Death

Now that business is taken care of lets rip this baby open and show you how to do knot magick. First off after you chose your color of cord and meditate on your intent to remain fous with the piece of string and yarn in hand. This may not be necessary but being well grounded can help. After that start to visualize your end goal and think how you want it to lay out. Now start captivating your desire by saying. chants, prayers, or even some friendly affirmations. Say this chant each time you tie a knot and remember kids to keep focusing on your goal at hand.

Depending on how many knots you have made you can start by untying them after the day you tied them all. Do this one by one each day and wait for your desire to manifest. If you were doing a curse or a binding spell, for lets say a bully, you can always burn the cord for the desired effect for him/her to not bully you no more. This isn't necessary, but can be very effective.

I hope you like my little lesson here and I hope you have a fun time doing knot magick, if I posted anything wrong please let me know, dont make a liar out me!