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Original Post:
by: jenfitz on Feb 15, 2015

I've been a member on this site for quite a while, mostly browsing rarely talking. I'm a solitary so I tend to prefer limited interaction when it comes to my rites, rituals, and interests...but, I also teach alternative religion and have occasional Wiccan webinars to help those who don't know how to integrate their practices into their "every day life". That being said, I want to know who around here is interested in actual craft practice and none of the silly things I keep seeing. I'm not one of the stuck up people who gets mad seeing others make fun by writing spells that are utter nonsense, I actually find it amusing :) but that doesn't help me find more serious, well maybe not 'serious' exactly, but a little more like me. Ones who practice and are knowledgeable. It's ok if there aren't, but figured I would ask. Lator Gators ;)