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Original Post:
by: Mizukicross on Feb 13, 2015

From when i was just a kid,i've always been interested into magic like making something float,making things disappear etc.,but then i found that these things can't be possible like how i believed before,then there were many things that i questioned that compared to demons,entities,spirits etc,what are we?we donot posses power nor we posses physical strength like they do,then what is our importance?we are such weaklings,then why do they have to get attracted towards humans?Then i experienced it for myself that humans posses something that they don't have and that is "will power" power of unpredictability which triggers the strong force of energy into something a spell,ritual or summoning .I know that it's not possible but just an urge of asking that can't this flow of energy take a physical form or converted into an element?I mean may be some object that can make it happen like converting your energy into some physical form?

if anybody know something,please discuss your knowledge or opinions and some history of magicians using objects,that could increase my own understandings and knowledge.^_^