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Original Post:
by: Lukas99 on Jan 16, 2015

Recently I've been getting more and more into witchcraft after a long story of realising I think this is my fate. To see what I am capable of I've been trying out new things. Lately I've been verbally saying quietly to myself things that I want done right then. I was standing behind this woman the other day at the store, because she was taking a very long time and I was in a bit of a hurry, I looked at her and under my breath said "with haste you will leave" before I knew it the woman had given up and was leaving the store. Again, yesterday, I had to go to the airport for a flight out and while I was waiting for my flight to begin boarding there was this woman with a child that was crying and screaming, it had been going on for a few minutes. I could sense the woman was exhausted with this child. I looked over, into the child's eyes from a distance and said "Silence, my child." Immediately the child stopped crying and screaming and began to drink from his cup. Does anyone think I am messing with free will and using black magic? Or should I be okay to continue using my abilities?