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Original Post:
by: Elphaba166 on Jan 08, 2015

Hello, I'm new to this site but I am here hoping to find some help with quieting my soul.. Yes I know it sounds bizarre but here is my story.
Many are in search of their soulmate well I found mine at age 47 and have lost him not due to death but due to his fear of what we are together.
The pain and my soul screaming can be unbearable. Yes I have tried healing spells they work for a short period of time usually breaks when I am attempting to move forward and try to date others.
No I will not try to take his free will from him by doing any love enhancment spell or to bring him back spell that is not right and he needs to come back willingly or not at all.
So how do I quiet her? Can I bind her without losing me?
I'm at a loss so any suggestions would be blessed.