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Original Post:
by: armetheus on Jan 08, 2015

I have been an ordained minister for 4 months now. I have decided on what services I shall render to the public and have researched local laws and tax requirements, however.....I am by my own ethics conflicted about what to charge for my services. I have always been in service to my community through various events occasions and commities, however I do not know the "value" of a handfasting to a poor couple vs. a rich couple nor am I in the opinion that there is a true "price" that could match its value at all. I am thinking of rendering my services for a donation, but that may not cover my costs. I am also considering setting a set price but leaving it as "negotiable". I know this may seem a petty concern to some but ethically it poses quite the problem for me. Please respond with any suggestions or opinions the may help me. I appreciate you time and value your opinions.