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Original Post:
by: Iris_Moon23 on Nov 11, 2014


Okay, so it starts out where I'm in front of my house and I have to chase my dog (because he's a puppy and they run out of the yard) and I rolled into this hole. At first I thought it was endless and I'd die, and I let myself fall into it. Didn't stop anything. It wasn't, it was just a normal hole. I got up and some guys handed me my dog and I took him home. My mom told me to grab something out of her purse in her car. I took it out and put a bunch of stuff in. (Her purse was filled with a bunch of pills for some reason.) She yelled at me for going through her purse and I said that I just couldn't find the object. The scene moves to me in her car, again, but I can feel the scene change. I grab something and I take it to my mom. I sit down and I can't remember details, but I know this isn't my house and my mom says we moved there. The scene goes to a hospital and we're in a waiting room. My mom goes elsewhere while a bunch of people come in. I go to my mom and she yells at me, and tries to take my phone, but I do not have it. I get mad and go back in the room crying. People stare, and a woman offers me her seat. I said no, but she sits on the floor next to me anyway. I thought that maybe since I'm in a hospital, people wouldn't mind me crying, so I cried more. Somehow a wall opened up, and people were playing. My sister shows up on the ground next to me and I tell her something we did as children, but she's barely listening to me. My mom had me drive me and my sister to Burger King and back to the hospital into a room. I leave and I'm outside. My step dad's grandpa is there, my mom's aunt is there, my mom, and I. We are at a different house now. I ask about it and my aunt says we are in Buffalo, (I assumed was a state in the dream, because I have no clue,) and I just nodded. She said she needed to move her to get a break from everything. My cat was there and it was getting dark. I put my cat in the house and me and my mom are by the front door. I feel like someone is watching. I look over and see a brunette hanging in a basketball hoop without a net. She's bent over a bit, but still straightish. She's wearing a pink hoodie and jeans. She reminds me of myself now that I'm awake, but sleeping, she scared me and I wasn't reminded of me. I tell my mom about her and she says it's just a senior prank. I nod, but I know it's not, because that happens to schools, not people. I rush my step dad's dad in the house and just as I step into the doorway, something grabs my shirt and pulls me back a bit. I rush up and close the door. I go to lock it, but the door flies open and the girl says something I can't understand. I close the door and lock it completely and I hear her jiggling the lock and I'm afraid she might pick it open. I panic, now in my house, running toward the dining room, still hearing the lock jiggle.

That's when I woke up. I'm pretty freaked out by this, but I have as much detail as I can. I hope someone can help me, because I'm very scared and need to know what it means so I can move on and fix whatever my subconscious is telling me. Thank you for your time and if you can, please interpret this. Thank you in advance as well.