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Original Post:
by: Shasnas on Oct 12, 2014

A couple questions I have.
1.)What can I contact.
2.)Is it a bad idea to use it on Halloween night?
3.)If I lead the session and have inexperienced people joining in, would they mess up my protection for them and I? Or should they also protect themselves individually?
4.)Is it better to buy the board or make it?

I'm aware that whatever comes through, it's just like a person. It can trick and lie. I know not to get emotionally attached to whatever it says.
Some people say that the Ouija board is used to contact the universe. Some say it's a portal to the spirit world. Which is it? Or is it all in the same?

I know there is a time and a place for everything. I figured since the "line of the living and dead erases" on Halloween (not sure if at Midnight or at 8pm) night, then something would come through the session faster. Is that a bad or good idea?

I know that protection is always important for any kind of workings. I want to know if one alone can protect the entire group or not. On top of that, what if they don't know how to. Can they use blessed objects such as a necklace or bracelet. What if they are skeptical? Will their doubts break my protection against bad energy?

My reason to use an Ouija board is to talk to anything, just like I would to a person. I know not to ask about the existence of God, where the gold is buried, to cause harm to others, or invite them.

I'm aware of the evil Zozo and the good Zaza(Not 100% sure on them).