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Original Post:
by: MissLemon on Sep 08, 2014

I don't know if I posted this in the right spot, and I apologize if it's wrong. But, I need help.

Not very long ago, I spoke with a psychic. She let me know that I am very much an empath, and that it's what is disrupting my life and has been for years. She told me I need to learn to control it. There was also a point where she told me, "you need to get out of your head."

I already knew I was an empath, but I never even tried to look anything up on it. I simply avoided people to escape the "noise" I feel when I'm around too many people. But, what has started terrifying me lately isn't the noise. It's that I'm always trapped inside my head. I can't make it stop... is this apart of being an empath..? I've never even thought about whether or not this is normal until now. I've always had lengthy conversations inside my head. And now that I live alone, it's far more out of control. I sit and talk to myself for hours on end, believing somehow I am actually spending time with another person. But then I stop and realize, "Oh yeah. I'm alone." This is disrupting me from my writing, from my homework, and from making any attempt to make friends (in real life, and online).

No. I'm not hearing actual voices. I'm just talking to myself, and I'm responding. I'm in psychology, so I know very well I'm not experiencing any form of mental disorder (but I'm also aware that this can lead to a disorder). When I'm out and about, I stop doing this for the most part. But then I have to put up with the "noise." I like being able to entertain myself, and sometimes this leads me to creative ideas. However, I have recognized this is a major issue if it's keeping me from my day to day life. My break from school started on September 1st, and I have done absolutely nothing with that time but talk to myself and watch youtube.

Anyway. Does anyone have any kind of advice? Is what I'm going through "normal?" Any form of help will be very much appreciated.