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Original Post:
by: Thewatermage on Aug 29, 2014

It was about 11 PM at night and I was staring into the darkness of my room, the room was dark, but there was enough light so i could see the outline of my fan,etc. I focused on my fan and let my eyes relax letting my vision turn blurry. And then thats when I started seeing colors, dots of red and green with waves and swirls of colors, I could'nt really see them well, i had to concentrate extremely well. That's when I heard someone right next to me saying 'shhh'. When i turned, there was no one there.

Any help or advice please?

Oh, i forgot to add that before I started seeing the colors, every time I closed my eyes and stared at the fan (after watching for about 10 min) when I opened my eyes my vision kept on turning black, it was slowly darkening.

Any help would be appreciated!