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Original Post:
by: Aquam004 on Jul 26, 2014

Hi everyone I've been doing a lot of chakra meditations and visualisations the past few days in an attempt to activate balance and cleanse them and I have spontaneously gotten sick i have a dizzy headache my throat is sore my chest feels heavy and sore and my stomach and lover back feels sore it feel quite weak and I am wondering if it could be a kind of thin that happens when u start to work with your chakras id like to add that I am a very healthy person and very rarely get sick and when I do it's only ever a runny nose also in the middle of last year I did some exercises to open and activate my third eye and the following night I got very sick I felt very dizzy nauseous and I had a very very uncomfortable headache my body felt really weak and it was the exact same feeling as I have now except it was only my head and my body feeling weak after that I stopped doing any chakra third eye meditations . On the plus side I have begun to start
seeing auras and energy around me which is cool and I have started feeling energy around me . If this is something that usually happens when u first start working with the chakras please tell me thanks :)