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Original Post:
by: high_priest on Jul 19, 2014

Em Hotep and Many blessing to each and everyone reading here.
I have not been active lately because i have no wifi and i only get 4 GB of internet per month which leaves me witch pretty much nothing but i am trying to be as active as possible i have also been very busy writting in my books also making some tinctures i have also been sick but i am recovering very quickly but i am much better i have been busy with making stuff and i got a tarot deck its beginners deck cause i am a beginner i have also had a wonderful dream which i will put in another post i have been making oils and trying
Every monday to give Papa Legba offerings and i also made my first non alcoholic mead yay but i put tooooo much lemon juice which made it a little lemony but its delish i also have my aunt and cousin from Holland come and stay with us i have been giving her readings everyday but i havent seen her in two days she has been going out because she will be going back to holland on the 23 but thats that but i have been lovely and im thinking on giving tarot readings but im still thinking see you in my next post
Em Hotep Sa/Sat Neter/Neteret