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Original Post:
by: Aquam004 on Jul 03, 2014

I've been having many strange dreams lately I think it's because I've started to meditate a lot and open and cleanse my chakras I've been working on my third eye chakra as well as practicing astral projection. Anyway I'd like to share one that was really weird ..
Okay well I was having quite a normal dream where I wasn't completely aware it was a dream then I found myself in this kind of ancient ruin or some kind of old temple I'm not sure what it was I found myself drawn to a door inside and when I went through it I became completely aware that I was in a dream but remained calm and proceeded in the room there was a large rectangle table with some really strange looking huminoidish creatures they were all different and there were strange objects on the table aswell as paper I was asked to come and sit down on an empty chair and from what I remember they proceeded to ask me to join them I don't remember the exact words but I know that they wanted me to join something if asked them what it was I would be joining but they refused to answer and they just kept asking me to join when I kept asking what it was I was joining some of them began to get a little angry I then said at some point after them refusing to tell me anything that I wouldn't join what ever it was they wanted me to join if I didn't even know what it was I was joining as soon as I said that I had this feeling like someone telling me to run away I'm not sure if it was me but I did they all got up and began chasing me I had a feeling that they were going to do me harm so I stopped and imagined a bright while light all around me that would protect me from anything that would hurt me I was surrounded in light and they eventually faded I woke up as soon as this happend .

I never remember the faces of people in my dreams unless they are of people I have seen in person I'll only be able to remember a memory of a memory of what they looked like but I always remember their features like hair colour and such