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Original Post:
by: on Jun 21, 2014

I know most of the members on this forum would advice me to do something else instead but I beg you all please help me get back on my feet. I am being honest to whole of the humanity that I have been betrayed really very bad. I was introduced to this girl last year and she showed me so much love that I couldn't possible make myself love anyone the much I love her. She had a secret a relationship which is seven years old. all this time she carried on seeing the guy while she was with me, and I caught her at his house. She has admitted to sleep with him but she claims to had it done once only.She would be rude to me but wouldn't mind going to his house for several hours a day at least twice a week. Even now they both claim to have no contact with each other but I have got evidence they are still talking and texting all the time. I loved her so much and she has hurt me so bad that I decided to commit suicide and literally did slash my wrist. That guy is quiet older than and about four years older than me too. they playing clever.the said to me giving reference to the god he wouldn't come between us anymore and he is manipulating the girl against me and over arguments made her call the police on me and when I messaged him saying that god will make him suffer he filed another complaint against me. they don't know that i am aware that they are talking and texting. I have done nothing wrong but to love her more than she deserved. she cannot hear a single thing against the guy calling him his best friend dearer than his family but can cuss me during an argument. If the guy suffers she would suffer as well. I am burning with fire and will helplessness goes over the board I cry myself to sleep. Please help me I want them to suffer worse than I did. Please help me I cannot see anything over this. I have been sacked from work as well because of my inattentiveness and it was all caused of this. I have got nothing left and i can see no life ahead. I have nothing but strong intentions and no experience at all. Please help me