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Original Post:
by: Ashes80 on Jun 19, 2014

I'm in a castle and i'm given some keys by someone unknown and to lock the castle gate I walk around the huge garden as the sun sets spinning the keyring on my index finger, they fly into the air and land on the ground shattering like glass, I gather them up then lock the gate.
I then walk up a long set of spiral stairs and enter a dark room 2 friends i'v not seen in a while are watching television and they tell me to get a chair and join them, I walk into a darker area and a chair is shoved at me hitting me on the waist, as I turn around they are gone and i'm all confused.
I then wake up on a sofa in a strange area and theres a distressed man stood next to me, I ask him "has there been any activity" ? and he replies "yes follow me". He takes me to locked door and we can hear a womans voice shouting "its writing its enemys names, I cant remember any of these names but i'm pretty sure my name wasn't said, I then get very angry and start swearing and shouting get out of my dreams several times I then wake up in my own bed takes me about 5-10 seconds to realise this though.