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Original Post:
by: User287539 on Jun 09, 2014

Actually I might be overdoing it, but that is because of some...rather interesting things that happened lately.
Anyway here goes the story:In my house there is always a hugely negative atmosphere.You get the point right? I think that this negative atmosphere has attracted negative entities or has its source on them.Another sign that it might actually be happening is that I see a shadow in the corner of my eye that instantly dissapears.Also, for some reason, I get goosebumps at night lately.
The last strange think that I noticed is that my dog sometimes barks at empty air, and the cats I have in my backyard are doing everything they can to enter the house, for example whenever I open the door, every one of them tries to dash, and I mean really Dash into the house.
What do you think it is and what can I do?
Oh, I also forgot to mention that I have lots of awkward and utterly disturbing as well as greatly uncontrollable thoughts lately.
Please help.