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Original Post:
by: Wisheallas on May 15, 2014

For some reason I have realized that 'mentally-ill people' and bullies seems to be really attracted to me(positive or negatively) no matter what gender (crazy people, stalkers, mentally insane). I do attract all kinds of people as have a very strange ability to make friends with literally everyone if I want to but if there is one group of people who seems to like me no matter what. I am stalked by two stalkers and I met someone else a month ago that I immediately sensed he was also capable of stalking because he had about the same aura as my two stalkers have and he is trying to get close to me when I never even spoke to him. Five people who have this problem of extreme anger problems and are mentally disabled(not smart)also seems to either like me for no reason or make me their target. Suicidal people or crazy people try to get close to me even when I never. Bullies at my school tend to want to make fun of me at any chance they want even when if I am behind the nerdy kid that every one seems to want bully me. There are also a group of boys in my school who I feel very disturbing vibes from but they are popular and are troublesome and violent they harass me and try to get close to me. I what to think that its all in my head but others see it happening too, I try to shut myself out so no one will stalk, harass or etc again but now not only that its still happening people who are not like them (sane and respectable people) no longer want to be my fiend are a repelled from me as it also seems that more mentally insane people are attracted to me. Even my mom told me a few 'not right' people used to want to see me as a baby and I remember this odd kid that used to follow me around in preschool. Why is this happening to me and is this happening to anyone else? Am I cursed and why? I don't know what to do and I cant get rid of the very many people who just wont stop harassing me. I used to be friendly, happy, and happy-go-lucky but now I am extremely depressed and paranoid and barely can tell who from who as i could do so easily read people a long time ago. Please tell me why this is happening to me and a way to make this stop and live a normal life.