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Original Post:
by: Vizth on May 12, 2014

Ok I'm not sure how to word this correctly. I do believe that magic, spirits, etc do exist. I've seen enough evidence to know this, not all of it pleasant.

My main problem seems to be getting my brain to acknowledge this. I was raised on a healthy diet of atheism, documentaries, and science. No matter how hard I try i cannot seem to make any breakthroughs on this.

I could be half way though attempting to do a spell, then my inner atheist comes in says hey Sabrina watcha doing. At that point I find myself equally angry, and laughing like a five year old school girl. It's either that or I get lost trying to describe how this works with science.

Any advice on kicking myself out of some very ingrained habits and beliefs? I half way feel my subconscious is holding me back intentionally. Although I have no idea why