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Original Post:
by: MCGremory on Apr 19, 2014

OK so here is a theory i worked out about the "diease of the kings" with all the info i gatherred up until now (though it passed only a few seconds), it seems this disease affects the nervous system causing a type of sensitivity to the energyes (this sensitivity can be used to improve even further the progress in the esoterical sciences, so i advice if someone with this "gift" reads this dont let this go to waste) that are around us not only that but it also works like some sort of link between our mind and higher vibrational planes (in an unconscious manner) allowing the people who have it to have acces to a much more advanced level of knowledge.

Persons with this type of disease also tend to be "destined to greatness" i found on wiki a list with personalities who had this disease and i was stunned to wath i found out even Hercule is on the list

Though it seems taht their lifespan is rather "limited", many of the bearers of this "sacred disease" died at a young age.