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Original Post:
by: Trueth90 on Apr 12, 2014

Yesterday after work I came home and meditated for some time. When I was doing that I stated to see star like light coming at me hade blue or purple light and inside of the star it was white. Later on I got spooked because I didn't know what it meant. Today though I meditated when I got home and this time I didn't get that, I got an image of a bird like it was all white, of course it was blurry like crazy. Which was cool, I could like to know if that was my animal guide and if so how to see it clearer. The other thing that happened was my head on the top of it felt like there was a lot of weight on it, why?? But I did feel more refreshed after it too.
When I was meditating I had a movie on and it I think helped keep me from feeling bad.
Thank you all for Ur time and info.