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Original Post:
by: 0908126 on Apr 07, 2014

last night i had a dream, i was sitting on my bed and i seen 3 crow/raven feathers... or what looked like them, they were black bird feathers to say shortly. this is a normal dream "for me at least" in the dream i brushed them off my bed and felt a terrible itching on the arm that pushed them off, the dream felt so real...

this wouldn't bother me but as a young man i lived in a haunted/possessed house, one of my fathers fave story's of the house was that one day my mother say a crow like man on a post looking at her.
i looked it up on a whim a few weeks ago and i seen that the crow demon IS noted as a real demon. its the messenger of satin and i am worried about this dream and what the old house may have in common.