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Original Post:
by: Sunnymare on Apr 04, 2014

I have to tell this story. It's one of many. I have dealing with this subject.
Over a month ago I downloaded some of my favorite bands more acoustical songs off their last few albums. Many of you may know Pearl Jam. Any way, some of the songs were very melancholy and I felt very centered on death and dying. I listened to them over and over, cried and cried while singing these songs. They just hit me. This went on for nearly 3 weeks. A neighbor down the road told me during this time that my next door neighbor was dying of cancer. I was shocked. I'd seen them less over the 3 week period and assumed they were visiting. Then all of a sudden they came home and my melancholy stopped. I stopped listening to the music. I went next door, made myself available as much as possible to a family in crisis I barely knew but could just feel their pain, the wife's fear, and the man's pain. The wife accepted graciously and thanked me. She would always tell me she didn't need anything, but I didn't listen I just did things. I shared meals, helped them On my way! their lawn, offered rides whatever. It always would come at a good time and she would always be so thankful I thought of her. I swear when her husband felt really bad , I did too. My moods and melancholy followed his chemo progress for two more weeks. Yesterday I started listening to the music again around noon while I was on the road