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Original Post:
by: Silvershade on Apr 01, 2014

Ok so a few days ago I was weakening up and figured it was the best time to meditate because the house was quiet. As I began to meditate I felt my back (I was laying down and lightly covered) start to get warm. Really warm like someone built a fire under my bed and it felt really powerful like the heat was makeing me stronger bit I did not panic because the extreme heat was comfortable. Normally I only get this feeling when I am mad. When I am mad however it feels like I step into boiling water or I'm going to burst into flames. Then sometimes when I calm down in spots it feels like hot coals remain under the skin. I know that when people get mad their body temp spikes but this is a huge leap from stasis. I am also every resistant to heat like something has to be near boiling water hot to hurt or leave a mark, like I feel it but it dosnt bother me.Dose anyone know what could cause this?