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Original Post:
by: Lovely1970 on Mar 18, 2014

I am in love with this man and all I can think about is him, I cry, scream get very depressed and a little obsessed with him. He was married when I met him, they had been separated for 9 years or so. We planned our wedding for which I paid for. We went to a lawyer for his divorce paid the money, well when the wedding date came we "fake" married while being told the lawyer working on divorce. Now 4years latter he is still married and I kicked him out of my home. I'm so hurt mad depressed. Oh and I had an affair with another man while we was together, it was so very wrong of me. I do believe I'm a bad person for that. He is also 14 years older than me and little like oil and water.
We have been split sence September of 2013. Any advice or help I would appericate and thank you in advance and reading this.