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Original Post:
by: SedonaXiao on Mar 07, 2014

Hello everyone!

I just joined the forum and it's my first post. I wasn't sure where to post it, so if it's a wrong place, let me know. I would like to become a frequent user, I'm happy that I found this website.

I have a problem with technology and I hope someone can relate to it and have some suggestions. I have cast some impromptu spells before and they have worked. I'm just wondering what to do this time, cause there is no immediate magic solution coming to my mind.

My relationship with technology was always a little complicated - for a long time I resisted facebook, smartphones and such. For years I had been using a computer with only half screen working, proud that it was enough for me.

I changed my mind after moving to China. Now, having a very different life than before I like to stay in touch with people, old and new friends. I started liking social media and smart devices.

But the technology doesn't seem to like me back. I'm sitting here with a perfectly good laptop, fast and new pc and a brand new smartphone and for one reason or another I can't even have a skype call. I always have to switch between them, change sim cards, plan ahead which device I would use, move files to send them etc.

I know there is a practical solution to it (also not the easiest concerning the language and cultural barrier. I am new in town and the internet has been provided by my boss, after a lot of fuss). I'm talking about the general rule. Since I remember I always had difficulty connecting, had to switch devices and so on. It seems like a rule to me.

Does anyone know this? Do you have a suggestion how to align better with technology and attract the ease that I'm apparently lacking?

PS. I have a similar relationship to bank accounts, cards and money. I always transfer, switch, forget my wallet etc.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions. If you have any, it will make it easier to use this forum much more often :)