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Original Post:
by: Tylendel on Feb 26, 2014

So I've noticed in here that the majority of people seem curious about How to do a spell, What to do the spell with, Why to use the spell but I have yet to really see anyone ask the very important SHOULD. Should you do the spell you're asking questions about? Should you even be looking to intervene magically at all? I realize that today the human race as a whole doesn't pay mind to problems of a Ethics or Morality yet we must do so in order to retain our humanity. Especially we who can have such a profound impact on people's lives. When considering a spell you must ask yourself "is this right?" Should you be interfering in the lives of others? Some say "yes!" Easily but do they stop to consider the effects after the immediate result? Most often I see people wanting to cast spells to induce love. An over romanticized fantasy to say the least but they swear it's for the best! How can you take it upon yourself to decide this? Think of the people and lives you'll hurt not only the intended target but what of their friends and family? What of their love ones? What of yours? Your mother hates the bloke now she's in an untenable situation because of your careless spell casting. We cannot simply flail around blindly anymore than a marine can with his gun. All people must remember to be Morally and Ethicly responsible with their abilities. Agree or no?