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Original Post:
by: User271174 on Feb 12, 2014

the last few times Ive prayed i have prayed as a last resort, meaning I'm in (serious) danger or trouble, and impossible things happen, (i would rather not give an example) and i am not a lucky person. i give thanks whenever these situations happen because it is the right thing to do, when i do this i don't pray to any specific god\goddess. Ive been trying to find my patron god\goddess who has helped me so much but whenever i try praying to a specific god\goddess (ex: Hecate, Nyx, the Cristian god, Buddha, Jesus ect.)i don't feel any connection, its only when i pray to this mystery god\goddess that i feel a spiritual connection, and i want to know how to find out who he\she\it (i think it is female) is so i can have a proper alter and rituals. does any one know how to help me? thanks :)