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Original Post:
by: JennMc0512 on Jan 19, 2014

I am reaching out because I am desperate, I am what I consider a powerful witch; however just because one is powerful does not mean that one cannot be attacked themselves. I have a strong connection to the past lives of others surrounding me no matter where I am or what I am doing. I can also sense if it is positive or negative in energy; however I am not able to see them.
Now to the purpose of my thread and the subject matter, I am a mother or two children. My oldest child is not biologically the child of my current mate however my youngest child is. I met my mate a little over two years ago and after being together a short period of time my youngest daughter was conceived. She is now a year old. I have recently come to find out that my mates father and his aunts use to dabble in black magic as children, so I did not think anything of it; however there has been some issues between my mate's parents (more so his mother who has to involve herself in everything and I mean everything) and these problems started October 7, 2012 at my baby shower.
My mate's mother has since then done a lot of other distasteful things to me directly and this all takes place when my mate leaves the room so he does not see it. I have tried talking to him however he will not hear me out and defends his mother but will not hear or see my side. Since all this has been taking place I have been feeling a really deep dark darkness surrounding me, I more times than not have a fear of leaving my own home which is not me by any means I like to be surrounded by others and their energy.
I am not sure if the curse and/or hex that has been placed on me stemmed from his mother or his father. She has a very bad and dark aura about her more so then my mate's father. I want to do something to make all this stop. I have done spell work to cast the negativity back out to the caster however it relieved me of my heavy dark feeling for about three days. However it is back and since these problems have started it has reaped havoc on my relationship.
What can I do to open my mate's eyes to what his parents are doing and what can I do to protect myself indefinitely from this curse of hex? Any suggestions would be wonderful because even though I am powerful sometimes what makes us powerful is recognizing when one needs help and asking for it.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.