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Original Post:
by: VelvetShadow on Jan 11, 2014

The differences of witchcraft and wicca are simply uncanny! I, have practiced many years and through those years I've had people ask me how to become a witch. I would ask them well what do you want to study as a witch and they would point out the practices of a wiccan. Wicca and Witchcraft are different! Witches have their own morals and practices. They may have their own ways of setting up an altar. They may also have a different way of seeing the divine, while wiccans see the divine as the God and Goddess. Magick as I said in my profile is all the same. The labels for magick, though, such as: white magick and black magick, are just different ways of practicing. This was a short article I wrote for the better in you guys.
By Brianna