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Original Post:
by: joannelo on Jan 03, 2014

as my training as a beginer of magic , i noticed that my body wont extract any energy like MANA,CHI,CHAKARA..etc.. but i manage to discover this! i called it "Enel" i dont posses any magic powers but know this what ever energy is within me its growing much faster than i am, it favors me verry well ,sometimes it can be controled but sometimes wont! so called "enel energy" chanels only to mind,soul,and hands .. so i used it once knowingly, but the results are turning my self into a "elementalist" my magic has limits only inside a month, i have 10 limits of magic usage it will be refreshed in a full moon,my magic is usage of elements it binds with my body,its true ! my body is full of elemental pressence . but.. the longer i keep an element casting the the more of my energy is draining,so far i have learned one spell from each element:
earth:iternal balance
wind:eyes of truth
water:replenishing spirit
fire:divine break
but i noticed it is simmilar to another magic energy ,some told me about ARCANE magic !! i dont know much but they say ARCANE magic is destructive itself ! i dont know what is ARCANE energy ??
is there anyone who knows ?? ARCANE magic??