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Original Post:
by: Dakota1324 on Dec 24, 2013

When I was 14, I came into the Craft. I was a freshman in High School and, along with three other friends, was workin on creating just a small personal circle. We went through the usual McWitch phase, after which everyone except me left the Craft. However, in this time something happened. One of my friends had in some way given life to an entity which I still to this day know very little about. To my understanding, this being was a manifestation of emotions. Hate, anger, frustration, and jealousy were what fueled if I remember correctly.

This entity found it's way to me and attached itself to whatever chakra is in your stomach (I don't follow the idea of chakras, this is the information I was given by the woman who cast this thing out) and was making life a living hell. When this things activity peaked, it was night and I was arguing VERY fiercly with my parents. Midway through this argument, try we're saying that they were GOING to get control of me, to which I felt a surge of what felt like electricity through me, and screaming: "I WILL NEVER E CONTROLLED!" whilst my eyes rolle into the back of my head. I instantly knew it wasn't me who had screamed this, and naturally began freaking out.

I am trying to see if anyone knows what this thing was. I want to know because I am trying to get enough info on it for my families grimoire, to serve as both an information guide, a warning, and write the banishing ritual used on me. Any and all information would be great. The woman who cast it out said it was in the shape of a squid with many tentacles, and that w the energy surge I would feel when it would try to take over.