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Original Post:
by: GlamxRose on Dec 23, 2013

Is it really impossible to sell your soul? Because i seriously thought that it was possible and that's why i was reluctant to do magic at first because i thought i was going to burn or something. My teacher told me that most people in hollywood have gave their soul's to satan and she even gave me a DVD tow watch about it, but coming to these forums and looking over the things people have been saying... everyone is saying that selling your soul can't happen.

Back before i had a teacher in the early summer when i first started experimenting with magic i canceled/voided so many of my spells by burning them and repenting and stuff because i thought what i was doing was bad. It's sad because the spells that i was doing when i first started seemed to have more of an affect than the ones that i do currently, i don't know maybe because i was more open or believing or something it just felt that way to me. I saw tons of synchronicities and stuff that i expected to be seeing because of what i was putting out to the universe but in turn i'm guessing none of it had a chance to manifest because i was always so horrified and kept going back on what i had started.