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Original Post:
by: LittleT on Nov 24, 2013

Hi all I would like some help please I am going through I bad luck phase in my life and I say it like this because it happened twice before the first time 9 years ago my husband had a brain hemmorage and is still recovering and I went through a year of hell trying to sort everything out nothing went right then 3 years ago it happened again I was accused of something I never did and after a year of solicitors and a lot of hard times it. Was proven I did nothing wrong it and was put through a year of hell for nothing with not even an apology , now 3 years on its happened again I had a really bad car accident were someone ran in to me and is claiming it was my fault and I know it was not but am getting the blame I suffered bad injuries and know their is another battle in front of me but why I ask for some help is because it always starts the same with clocks , before the main thing happens for about two weeks the clocks in my house start flying of the walls across the room one was put back up on a hook and bent so it would not move but it still ended up across the room and the hook still in the wall , so please if anyone has any sort of explanation for this or what connection the clocks have with the bad luck I would love to know ,
Thank you for your time
Blessings xx