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Original Post:
by: Dae on Nov 17, 2013

A few nights ago, i was attacked by somthing.
As i was going to sleep, i saw many shadowy arms/hands.
i didnt think much of it, as seeing things is relatively normal for me. When i attempted top go to sleep, i was immobilized, like sleep paralysis. But then somthing lifted me out of my bed. When i finally fell asleep i had horrible, horrible nightmares. They all took place in my house, and i kept "waking up" to yet another nightmare. Eventually i realized i was sleeping and became lucid, but there was nothing i could do. i couldnt change anything or wake up. Somewhere in all of these, there was a strange symbol. i drew it and saved it as my pic. When i showed my girlfriend, who is normally fine with things such as this, she lost it. she ordered me to salt it and bury it, then she left me.