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Original Post:
by: paopufruit on Oct 27, 2013

you know how people would usually have dreams about odd things like there mother gets turned into a turtle, or your friend is telling you to it's raining cabbage outside? for a few years now i've had dreams where i'm talking to people i've may or may not met, having actual conversations. nothing out of the ordinary conversations. i can only do this when i'm lying in a certain position and it works every time. Not to mention i can feel everything in my dreams. if someone hits me in the leg with a large stick, i feel it. also why can i change into an animal when i'm there, especially when i'm being chased. Then there's the setting. familiar and places i've visited over and over again in these dreams. an open field, the shopping mall in another town, the same forest. once i swear i was in england. i don't know what these dreams are. at first i thought they might be premonitions, now i'm starting to think i'm traveling to other dimentions. please whoever is reading this give me some closure. i need to know what i'm dealing with here.