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Original Post:
by: sapphirebird on Oct 16, 2013

So my situation is a bit strange so I will give details as to why I am asking for help with this. I and attracted this guy and I know he is attracted to me but he is too shy to make a move. We have allot of mutual friends and they all keep saying he is so shy when it comes to girls he likes. He just stares at me and says nothing much unless Hi or how are you but I can feel the attraction between us.


However we know one another we have spoken on more then one occasion he has even hugged me once. We have tons of mutual friends so clearly he knows my name and who I am. We even trained at the same gym it's actually how we met.

I did an Intranquil spirit spell a few months back and I am not sure if it worked on him but I do know there was a spirit in my house for a little while after that. Locked doors opening , appliances shutting off etc. I think the spirit has since gone.

I do not know what to do about this guy I need a spell. I have also tried directly saying to him we should hang out but he turned beet red and I can tell how shy and uncomfortable it made him he couldn't even answer me. I would have taken that as a sign of disinterest but mutual friends told me NOPE when he gets that scared that means he is interested.