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Original Post:
by: User194186 on Dec 07, 2012

So lately I've been wondering whether God would accept me as a Christian Witch... I've been one for half a year now, yet I've always been drawn towards magick, and I don't do it to harm anyone, but I do use Tarot and I can't help feeling the second I die I'm gonna burst into flames or something... Aside from that, I had a dream last night, and I really wanted to know your thoughts about it.

I was at Virginia State University, my dorm was my old room. I was practicing magick to move items into my closet. My dorm mates questioned my faith, and I told them I believed in God. I tried the spell to move the stuff again even though I knew that that type of magick was impossible, but this time I used a wand, and the stuff moved an inch. I saw it move some more, but it was just my dorm mate moving it herself. They seemed annoyed, and I felt guilty and unaccepted...