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Original Post:
by: User200008 on Sep 13, 2012

Omni magic is related to Omnitheism,these are no ordinery spells,before you try to use these please consult me,Omnitheism spells do not requiere you to be an Omnitheist or even accept Omnitheism as a real religion but what it does requiere you to do is not to insult the name of the God of Gods the creator of all Gods,Oraccion,(if you have any questions on him please don't hesitate and I will try to answer then as best as I can).

Spells in from what I like to call Omni Magic are not difficult to use and most of them don't requiere you to have many items for use,most of the spells do NOT backfire and will not harm you or anyone around you,however there are few spells that can and will destroy you,so I will try not to shre those.

Spells include effects like weather,dark magic(very small number),ability upgrades,despelling,protection against any and I mean anything that may come to you supernatural or natural etc.

However like EVERY spell out there even these have a procentage of failure,I know the exact reason why spells are blocked or do not do what you want them from time to time...

These spells include prayers(will not harm your religion),casting spells,summoning and so on and the best part you might not need to be magically gifted for most of them,on the other hand few of them need to you to be a master and a true Omnitheist.

Omni Magic teaches you that there is no spell that should be underestimated and that every spell should be respected for the power it gives...

Omni Magic also has support spells to aid you in using other spells that have no connection to Omnitheism magic at all,there are a few spells that cannot be reversed by a mortal hand and you would need the help of the God of Gods himself for that one but I will try not to share those spells cause they may throw a tri-hex at you and that is basicly your end and there is only 3 ways to get rid of that.

Thank you for taking your time in reading about Omni Magic if you want the spells,rituals etc please mail me :)