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Original Post:
by: unknowntell1 on Sep 04, 2012

If you've read my other post on Real Magic then here are a few other cool things you can do.
The Magic Internet
The "Magic Internet" is a collective of information that can be accessed with magic. It works by taking all the memory's , that haven't been mind locked, and put a big "Internet". You just send a magic thought into it ,like a search engine, and it comes back with an answer.
Mind Locking
Mind locking is used to lock away memory's from mind readers and people using the "Magical Internet". Just accesses your own magic and put up a barrier in your mind, covering the memory. This can be done in all types of different ways as long as it uses the basics here.
Programming Magic
Magic can be programmed to repeat or carry out actions at a wave of a hand. First perform the magic act then search for the memory. Cover the memory in your own magic, then bind the magic with an action or thought. This means you can do telekinesis without a base action to start it.
Using programming you can program things like "abracadabra" to launch a victim in the air. By accessing someone else's memory's you can find a memory of them tripping over for instance, program , then bind it with an action, like swearing. Good to help people with addiction or for getting revenge. But the latter isn't really advised.