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Original Post:
by: voidprime on Aug 17, 2012

Has anyone experienced a situation where auras were reflected and/or magnified off another person.
Basicaly, and I didnt think of this untill recently, a while back a couple of friends of mine were talking about auras. While this happened we all began looking at each others aura. When I looked at one it appeared to be a darker color kinda blue-gray and the other person's aura was a very light yellow color. When the one with the dark aura looked at mine they saw pitch black he even described it kind of like a black whole like it was pulling the surounding light into it. And the person with the light colored aura looked at mine and said I had a pure yellow aura. And when they looked at each other they saw the same thing I saw in eachother. And when I look at my own aura, I know everyone says not a good idea, I saw no color just a disturbance around myself.