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Original Post:
by: User177084 on Jun 19, 2012

So I had this scary dream like a couple hours ago BC I just woke up from it and couldn't go back to sleep but the dream was about me n my friend where in a large wheat field. She went in some woods for no reason but never came out so I ran into the woods then saw this evil large man during me down he had a chainsaw in his hands. He grabbed me and then pressured my nervesuntil I sat down the he ripped a human to shreds and inside the human he was ripping, was My friend he never spoke but he swung a grab at me I started to run but the man was like a giant and I was to slow. He grabbed me and in the other hand was my friend. He took us and literally threw us in the back of his truck and locked it. Then suddenly my friend tried to kiss me but I pushed her away then suddenly the truck jolted to a stop and the man stopped over so we got down on our stomachs like we were uncounsious and our shirts were lifted allitle he open the doors and then got in. Then all of the sudden he started his chainsaw and started sawing our backs but it didn't hurt. It tickled on my actual body not mybdy inthe dream. The body in my dream just slit open and we kept screeming to stop then I woke up but my back was really tickling and there was no one there. It was my nerves though and I thought it might have been a toxic dream BC I had actually experienced being kidnapped and tortured and I had not slept for three days already