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Original Post:
by: Tym318 on Jan 18, 2012

hey quick question i was meditating n the elements the other day and i was getting like this strong feeling that there were more than the five we deal with in wicca. the ones i know we deal with is water,earth,air,fire, and spirit. however i was getting a strong feeling that lightning was another element in wicca as well as a yinyang scenario type deal. and i know that the elements relate to life and these relate to life as well for example he brain is full of electrical impulses and lightning is a natural force in nature not connected to anyy of the other elements as far as im aware of. and as far as the yin yang scenario thing well with out that life would have almost no meaning and i think that this is the drive that keeps every living thing goin. so is my theory correct as to where there isnt 5 elements there are actually eight with all of them combined making life?