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Original Post:
by: MentisAmor on Jan 16, 2012

Djin are the indigenous spirits of the middle east and north africa. They have a hierarchical societies that parallel humans, so they each have separate opinions about humans, the tradition offering for a djinn is pouring oil over flour, alcoholic beverages, candles and incense especially benzoin, because they have a code of honor, even the most malevolent djin will honor a promise or a vow.

They are known to inhabit, ruins, cemeteries, and the crossroads, blood also appeals to them so they may be found in slaughter houses, they hate salt, iron and steel, so keep these away from them, they do not like noisy or crowded places, although they will venture out to observe or even participate in fairs, markets and festivals.

Djinn enjoy stories and can be pacified or lured by telling exciting, suspenseful tales, they will hover quietly in corners and listen, Djinn who are rudely awakened tend to reflexively strike out, they will cause illness, stroke, or paralysis, so do not throw anything in their area with out warning.

Encyclopedia of spirits Judika Illes