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Original Post:
by: blackrobes02 on Sep 04, 2010

Well it's been a while since I posted in these forums...well any for that matter but i figured what better one to start back up with then a one that should bring up a good point.

I have had the pleasure of walking down the path for many a moon and seeing people grow and prosper in it from lots of study and effort and have also had the pleasure of being one of the people to help others grow and prosper in magick as well. And as of late I've been noticing that a lot of young "witches" (and i use the term loosely) have been getting on here and expecting others of more experience to spoon feed them the ways of magick and the guidelines and other such things. I ask you people guilty of doing such things "why why do you think that we have nothing better to do than to sit here and take large chunks of our busy day and nurse you down this long path" I mean do you think Scott Cunningham or Raymond Buckland sat there and had someone hold their hands down their magickal careers...I think not. So what makes you think that we are going to sit there and make an exception for you. Besides you'll never truly experience magick that way you'll only know the results of some other persons work. So why don't you get the backbone to go discover your own path and make a laundry list of experiences that are truly genuine instead of missing out because I for one am tired of yos all bugging me expecting me to spoon feed you...