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Original Post:
by: unnoticable on Jun 16, 2010

What I never wanted to be, I Thought I was suppose to be nice, and helpful and giving and karma would give it rate back to me. It's a lie It never helped I never got anything back I messed up and wasted my time. Threw them days when someone didn't have food and I knew I could survive without it when I already was starving and gave it up for them. Or them nights where that old poor pathetic man needed money and was outside of the store. Picking up the old cigarettes in the ashtray and I'd have 5$ and a pack of cigs with just a lucky one left inside of it. And I'd give it to him see if that would help me in a way just to know that i helped him and know what. It didn't help me Nothing ever came back around when I needed it everything just went on and went wrong. I didn't want to be the evil one but dam this world is to cruel to be nice and that's all I've learned. I'll just follow the voices in my head telling me to do the wrongs things. I hate it I really do but if I got to be the bad one just to live right and be cruel and let those people starve or let that bum in-front of the store stay poor then alright. Out with the good in with the bad