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Original Post:
by: The_Bell on Aug 02, 2015

Gardening is an essential part of herbalism. It has healing aspects as well as a great source for any kitchen. Healing may range from a neeed to tend earth and move hands or pick and pluck for the perfect salve and oil. Yet how does one start a garden?

Before planting one must look to the soil. There are a list of questions I usually like to ask myself before I begin planting. The main question begin.

What type of garden am I going grow and How am I going to grow it?

Be it raised bed, potted plants or a full walk through garden. Here are three things I always consider before planting and placing.

Think about the type of plant you wish to grow. What type of spil is best for the plant you've decided upon. Does it need moss mixed in or would it do better with a touch of sand?

Do all the plants in your future garden want lots of sun or just a bit of shade? Each plant has a certain amount of sun it needs to be healthy and thrive. Check the seed packet or the plant stick for sunlight instructions.

It's a good idea to check how large or small your plants grow. Putting plants that are taller in the back of the garden might be better, as to reach the smaller plants better. Also the roots need to be taken into consideration. Some plants have a tendency to choke out other plants if planted to close. Some plants survive better in the winter if they have a plant next to it's base.

Happy planting and may your garden thrive.